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How To Find The Perfect Diamond

The process of buying a diamond at the absolute Best Price is very simple.  First educate yourself and look at diamonds to decide the exact diamond you want:  4C’s of Diamond Quality
  1. Cut-Decide on the cut you want( Round Brilliant, Princess Cushion etc.). Also how well it is cut (Excellent)
  2. Carat Weight- Decide on the carat weight you want (1.00 carat).
  3. Color- Decide on the color you want. (G)
  4. Clarity-Decide on the clarity you want. (SI1)
  5. Grading lab ( We specialize in GIA diamonds because they are The Most Accurate grading lab). Do not be fooled by others. Other labs will give inaccurate grading results so you could buy a diamond that is not what it claims to be.
Once you know the exact diamond you want, the process of buying a diamond at the very best price is as simple as comparing apples to apples. Once you have decided by looking at diamonds and being educated that you want a:
  1. Round brilliant( excellent cut)  
  2. 1.00 Carat Weight 
  3. G color   
  4. SI1 in clarity  
  5. with GIA Report
Now it is simply about searching for price. Apples to Apples. There is absolutely no reason to pay more than is needed for the same quality diamond and we guarantee No One will beat our prices on the exact same quality diamond.  No One.